About the Cinekyd-Media Archive.

August 26, 2006

A Message from the Director:


This is Bob Clark.  I say that up front so there is no question about the guy responsible for this archival website. 

Don’t get me wrong:  there are lots of people behind-the-scenes who have assisted with this project and deserve the real credit for its launch.

No, I’m introducing myself so that visitors to this site understand that the teacher who created Communications Media and Cinekyd (also with lots of help) is still very much alive and shepherding this newest project.

The purpose of the website is rather basic:  there are literally tens of thousands of slides, negatives, and pictures which captured the fun of making movies over the past four decades.  There are also hundreds of films and videotapes and audio recordings.   And there are volumes of scripts, and flyers, and newsletters and memoranda.

Several hundred youngsters were part of the Communications Media program.  More than seven thousand were members of Cinekyd.   Both organizations are gone now.  It seems a shame if all of those film and tape images and sound tracks are lost to the ages.

That’s why, starting on the 26th of August in 2006 – what would have been Cinekyd’s 30th anniversary – we created this website:  to provide a place where all those classic pictures and movies and radio shows could be shared.  And, hopefully, some of the participants will add their thoughts in the guestbook, or share their comments about a particular photograph.  

This is strictly a non-commercial project.  I use the names Communications Media and Cinekyd because I was there when they were created.  But this website serves as a tribute to the young filmmakers and the dedicated folks who contributed so much to keep those programs going.

Visitors are welcome to share their thoughts as often as they stop by.  And, former students are encouraged to pass the word to others so that lots of folks can enjoy the images.  The archive is being launched with more than 1,000 pictures.  We will be adding photographs every single week!  Our guestbook and comments will be updated routinely.  And the archives will be expanded to
include all sorts of student-produced material.

But this is a real homemade project.   This is not quite how I expected to spend my retirement.  It’s fun, to be sure.  The basement is filled with pictures and movies and audiotapes.  I always seem to find myself in the middle of a project that starts in the basement.  This website is no exception.

Like everything else – I am lucky enough to have substantial assistance.  The idea of an archival website started with my daughter, Becky, who is still at my side – and teaching me all sorts of things about computers and software.  All those pictures and tapes were hauled to Bucks County and safely stored away here with considerable help from my grandson, Craig, who has vast experience relocating his grandfather.  And the real web master of the operation is Brian Mays, one of the last of the TEENS, who helped me to bring this concept from the drawing board to the Internet.

God bless them and all the grads who were kind enough to email their suggestions during the summer of 2006 when this project took shape.  And a very special blessing on all the folks who contributed their time and talents to Communications Media and Cinekyd.

Bob  Clark