More about us.

Cinekyd-Media-Archive is an archival website created in order to provide you with videos and other memorabilia from the past 30 years.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality images found on the net. With our website, you will be able to access hundreds of photographs from our gallery and links to video and audio files.

Cinekyd-Media-Archive was founded by Robert J. Clark, jr. in order to provide friends, students, and alumni with a way of viewing themselves in the past.

The organization was established in August 2006, just after Clark's 30th year in the media and film industry. After thousands of students who have been involved with various television and radio productions under Bob's guidance, the idea of an archival website
was drafted.

Clark decided that he wanted to create something that could contain copious amounts of photos and files for these students so that they could access them via their computers at any time.

After the institution of the website, Cinekyd-Media-Achive will continue to upload new photographs periodically and update the website quite frequently. If you are interested in Cinekyd-Media-Archive, or have a question about the site, please feel free to contact us.